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Lead SEO Strategist

Robert Eduard Antal

Founder & SEO Manager at ZoominSEO

SEONID (2008-2017) 
As the former Digital Marketing Director at SEONID from 2008 to 2017, Robert was at the cutting edge of digital trends, driving remarkable growth for clients like Stiri de Cluj.

He also led projects for big-name clients from Agence79, like Wall Street Institute and Parc Asterix, boosting their online visibility with smart SEO campaigns.

WiserWires (2017-2019)
At WiserWires, between 2017 and 2019, Robert got hands-on with Python programming, automating tasks, and digging into language processing algorithms.

Betfair Paddy Power (2019-2020)
Robert’s drive to expand his technical know-how at WiserWires, led him to join one of the most respected SEO teams in the world at Betfair Paddy Power. His time there was all about refining SEO strategies at a corporate level, leveraging the insights of some of the industry’s top minds.

This role was all about fine-tuning SEO strategies and making a big impact in the competitive corporate sector.

Current Role – Spearheading ZoominSEO’s Initiatives from 2019 to Present
Now at the helm of ZoominSEO since 2019, Robert utilizes his broad skill set to guide a powerhouse of more than 200 global specialists. Together, they deliver precise, quality-executed SEO strategies, ensuring profitable outcomes for every client.

Join a Winning Team
When you team up with Robert and ZoominSEO,  you’re not just getting an SEO service—you’re getting a comprehensive strategy built on a foundation of solid technical and marketing expertise.

Robert’s approach is all about getting you to the top of the SEO game.

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Robert Eduard Antal, Founder and Lead SEO Manager at ZoominSEO, has over 15 years of expertise in global and local SEO. A technical SEO expert, he excels in big data and ROI-focused strategies, leveraging his full-stack development skills in Python, PHP, and MySQL.

Robert’s leadership shines in assembling specialized teams for each project, ensuring top-notch, results-driven SEO solutions for clients worldwide.

SEO Specialist

Loredana Vale

Senior SEO Specialist at ZoominSEO

Loredana Vale, a Senior SEO Specialist at ZoominSEO, combines youthful dynamism with remarkable SEO and marketing abilities.

In her three-year tenure, she’s known for her resourcefulness and exceptional results. Despite being relatively new to the field, Loredana’s innovative strategies and adaptability to the evolving SEO landscape have significantly contributed to the agency’s success, making her a standout member of the ZoominSEO team.

Efficient Outsourced Talent with In-House Quality

Efficient Outsourced Talent with In-House Quality:

We provide quick and precise solutions by utilizing a flexible team of experts, saving costs and accelerating project delivery.

Flexible Outsourced Expertise, In-house Precision:

By tapping into a pool of dynamic, on-demand talent, we deliver rapid, targeted interventions with precision, reducing peripheral costs and turbocharging project timelines

Server to Design:

Each specialist is handpicked for their mastery in facets of digital strategy – from the technical intricacies of server management to the creative subtleties of web design.

Precision Outsourcing in Web and SEO Services:

ZoominSEO strategically outsources high-level web design and development to skilled professionals, ensuring our SEO campaigns are both innovative and effective.

Flexible Outsourced Expertise, In-house Precision:

By tapping into a pool of dynamic, on-demand talent, we deliver rapid, targeted interventions with precision, reducing peripheral costs and turbocharging project timelines.

Join forces with ZoominSEO‘s Specialist Network

Ready to embark on your SEO journey with ZoominSEO? Our comprehensive services and elite network of experts are your keys to unlocking sustained SEO success.

Collaborative Dynamics Shaped by Specialist Know-How

At ZoominSEO, we recognize that exceptional SEO springs from a deep well of diverse skills.

It’s why we’ve built an expansive network of specialists, each bringing expertise and a precise skill set that spans the vast spectrum of SEO-related disciplines—from server-side development and cybersecurity to innovative web design and content creation.

Discover the Expertise Behind Every ZoominSEO Campaign

Join forces with ZoominSEO’s Specialist Network, where every member adds a unique strength to your SEO campaign, creating a formidable force destined to conquer digital challenges.

Choose ZoominSEO, and you gain more than just a service—you access a dynamic structure where outsourcing meets excellence. This setup allows you to:

Lower costs by avoiding unnecessary overheads for peripheral tasks.

Ensure swift implementation thanks to our flexible, ready-to-mobilize specialists.

Experience the agility of custom, timely interventions—from hours to days—tailored to your project’s specificity.

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