SEO News Updates 📢 S-M 2024

How to Reduce Google Ads Costs Using SEO: The Impact of Quality Score

There’s often a debate about Google Ads vs. SEO, but these two strategies can complement each other effectively. By implementing efficient SEO practices, you can not only enhance organic visibility and traffic but also positively impact your Quality Score. An improved Quality Score can lead to lower CPC costs in Google Ads. 👉 Read our article

Building Topical Authority in SEO: Measurement and Development

Instead of focusing on isolated keywords, develop a solid expertise in a specific field. The concept of topical authority is gaining traction in the ever-evolving SEO landscape. But what exactly is topical authority, how do you measure it, how do you develop it, and most importantly, what impact does it have on your SEO and online marketing strategies? 👉 Read our article

SEO News Updates

📢 TikTok Launches Notes Photo App in Australia and Canada

It’s official: TikTok has launched Notes, an app currently available in Australia and Canada. The app is designed for sharing photos with descriptions, much like Instagram used to be. 👉 Read more

📢 Instagram Confirms Profile Notes Are Coming to All Users

Instagram has activated “Profile Notes” for all users – and no, it’s not another app. Previously available in Instagram messaging, these notes will now be available at the profile level, similar to a status update. 👉 Read more

Impact of Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE)

As expected, brand visibility and organic traffic are being affected by the new Google Search Generative Experience (SGE). However, there are opportunities as well. SGE results take up significant space and push top organic positions lower, leading to drops in traffic and click-through rates (CTR). This means brands need to work harder to earn links and appearances in the new AI-generated results to maintain visibility and traffic.


🔷 Focus on Comprehensive Content: SGE favors in-depth articles that thoroughly cover a topic and provide value to users. Tailor your strategy accordingly.

🔷 Include Expert Quotes and Interviews: Featuring authoritative sources can increase your chances of being displayed in SGE results.

🔷 Utilize Multimedia: Images, videos, and other multimedia elements can enhance your content.

🔷 Maintain a Consistent Brand Presence: A strong presence across multiple channels – from social media to relevant industry forums – can boost your chances of appearing in SGE.

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🚀 Adapting to AI and SGE: Google is increasingly experimenting with AI technologies, integrating them into standard search functions and SGE. Understand what you need to do to adapt your online marketing strategies in this new context. 👉 How To Adapt Your SEO and Content Strategies for AI Experiences

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